Our inhouse Technical team delivers Brick CPDs to a range of audiences from architectural practices to engineering firms and of course, educational establishments.


If you would like to discuss your particular requirements, please contact our Technical Manager

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The Association has published some general guidance on subjects about which we receive a high number of enquiries. These guides provide a useful reference for those researching the UK clay brickmaking process, or good site practice and workmanship. Other popular subjects include:

Brickwork procurement, Cleaning of clay brickwork, Clay brick factories of the UK, Brick bonds, The UK clay brickmaking process, Good site practice and workmanship, The use of reclaimed brick, Brickwork durability, Scottish traditional brickwork

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Access technical guides, particularly useful to architects, designers and engineers. Publications on the following subjects are available to download:

Severely exposed brickwork, Brickwork procurement, Designing to brickwork dimensions, Mortar for brickwork, Designing for movement in brickwork, Eurocode 6, Introductory guidance including how to design masonry structures, vertical and lateral resistance, Brick skin thermal performance, Brickwork dimensions, Brick arches, Brick-cladding multi-storey timber frame

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Access information on topics related to structural brickwork, particularly useful to engineers, contractors and architects. Publications on the following subjects are available to download:

Freestanding brick walls, Brickwork retaining walls, Laterally loaded walls, Brick diaphragm walls, Brick fin walls in tall single-storey buildings, Post-tensioned brickwork, Brickwork arch bridges, Masonry design for disproportionate collapse

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The clay bricks used in established masonry builds represent a cost equal to less than 2% of the average UK property selling price. Even such a relatively low cost however, does not mean we are complacent. Responsible procurement contributes to a healthy supply chain and buoyant construction sector. Use our brick calculator to order the exact quantity you require.

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