The wide range of UK clay bricks is indicative of the material’s versatility. The many variants of size, shape and colour that change entirely the material’s aesthetic, all contribute to a palette suitable for myriad design styles. Complemented by the increasingly popular bespoke, handmade service offered by manufacturers, there is something to satisfy all tastes including those most discerning.

The warmth and certainty of clay brick secured its presence as a mainstay of our built environment for thousands of years. Its versatility complements these characteristics and continues clay brick’s role, integral to some of the most beautiful form and function offered by contemporary building design.

If you seek practical advice for designing with clay brick, refer to the design details in our technical section.

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Although often understated, examples of innovation in clay brick architecture are prominent across the UK: from Harvey Nichols, a store famously conscious of its style, in which a bold, dramatic feature wall uses vertically coursed brick slips and pistol slips to create a 3D wave pattern – not only an elegant three-dimensional structure, but a remarkable feat of engineering – to the scale, in size and risk, of City Park West, which takes a holistic approach to both landscape and façade, using brick in a vertical manner contrasting with the traditional load-bearing brickwork that surrounds it.

For inspiration one needs look no further than the case studies in our Brick Bulletin.

Brick Bulletin

Case studies

Each month we select a choice example of design innovation, which substantially uses clay brick and pavers, to showcase here.