Specialist Brickwork Contractor


In 2018/9 Lee Marley Brickwork (LMB) had 29 apprentices working on site. LMB have developed an innovative programme in partnership with Brooklands College that allows their Training Manager to deliver courses on modern methods of construction to the apprentices alongside their traditional curriculum. This is alongside an extensive library of different training modules and short courses. In 2018 Lee Marley also entered into a partnership with Reading University to recruit graduate Quantity Surveyors and Construction Managers. A dedicated Health, Safety & Systems Director leads a team of three full-time safety inspectors. In 2018 LMB’s AFR was 0.24 based on 1.25m man hours. LMB’s commitment to the highest quality of business operations is further evidenced through their attainment of ISO 18001, 9001 & 14001. They are currently migrating to the ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety standard. Lee Marley was the first brickwork contractor to be certified as a fire barrier installer by the International Fire Consultants Group (IFC).

PROJECT 1: Orchard Gardens, London by Panter Hudspith Architects 

Brick: Ibstock Brick - Bevern Dark, Bexhill Purples, New Oak, Ivanhoe Cream / Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC - Selected Dark 

PROJECT 2: The Defence National Rehabilitation Centre, Loughborough by John Simpson Architects / Purcell

Brick: Ibstock Brick - Parham Lights Multi, Priory Red Multi, Surrey County Red, Leicester Multi, Thakeham Red, Brunswick Wilton Yellow

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