The new building knits itself among those designed by Basil Champneys 100 years earlier and creates a new frontage for the College on Sidgwick Avenue. Particular attention was paid to the brick facades of the other buildings at Newnham, looking at the mortar and bonding, the colours, textures, rhythm, articulation, decoration and other details that make this site unique. In order to find the right brick for the new building, a programme of development initiated with a master brickmaker. A team of highly skilled bricklayers first built small sample bays and thereafter, a large-scale sample bay of the facade on site, to test construction details, sequencing, movement joints and finishes. The knowledge and experience of their staff yielded cost savings while maintaining the design intent and quality of detail.

Location: Cambridge, Great Britain 

Architect/Designer: Walters & Cohen Architects 

Brickwork Contractor: Caxton Brickwork/SDC Builders Ltd

Brick: Northcot Brick - Sidgwick Blend, bespoke blended mix 

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