The Old Church of Vilanova De La Barca (Spain) was designed by AleaOlea architecture & landscape. UTE Construccions Jaen Vallés - Urcotex Inmobiliaria acted as brickwork contractor.

A 13th century Gothic building that was partially demolished in 1936, the church had been in a general state of ruin since. The project recovers the ancient church and restores its original appearance while transforming the old structure in to a new multi-purpose hall. The project establishes a new brick façade based on a latticework texture and a new gabled Arab tile roof. The entire system is conceived as a new architectural ceramic shell that is gently supported over the remains of the ancient walls. The outer façade rises hermetic and opaque, with no windows, as a textured background that reproduces the wrinkled, dense and irregular texture of the stone ashlars of the ancient church, advocating for a visual continuity and integration with the original fabric. On the other hand, the inner façade is designed with a white perforated brick which reinforces the contrast and discontinuity. From the outside, the perception of the old church is restored, whereas in the inside, the building preserves the atmosphere of rest and introspection of the original sacred space.

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