Specialist Brickwork Contractor


Lee Marley Brickwork Ltd submitted two excellent projects as evidence of their work's quality. Project one was Lady Margaret Hall by John Simpson Architects, which used Grosvenor Light Red bricks by Ibstock. Project two was South Gardens by Maccreanor Lavington, which used White Engobe with Engles Baksteen Mystique bricks by Ibstock; Freshfield Lane Lindfield, Lights Darks and Firsts by Michelmersh; and Terca Black Glazed by Wienerberger.

Both schemes submitted by Lee Marley Brickwork work well and fit into their context effortlessly. Their work, in the words of the judge, represents ‘brickwork par excellence’. Training is closely monitored against an agreed plan for each apprentice and the company clearly understands the benefits both to itself and its clients in nurturing the workforce. Close involvement with training providers is clear. This is a company that takes its responsibilities seriously and hence produces work that has quality as its reward. Presenting a full and thorough set of documents, Lee Marley clearly evidences robust policy and means of checking compliance.

This year the Specialist Brickwork Contractor Award is sponsored by Ancon.

Ancon designs and manufactures high integrity steel products for the construction industry, supplying customers worldwide in a variety of sectors from small-scale residential developments to major infrastructure projects. Products available for brickwork cladding including masonry support systems, windposts, lintels, wall ties, restraint fixings, and bed joint reinforcement. All Ancon products that fall within a harmonised European Standard are CE compliant.