Small Housing Development


Barrett's Grove (London) was designed by Amin Taha Architects. ECORE acted as the brickwork contractor using Birtley Old English Buff bricks by Ibstock.

The development is innovative in its use of brickwork and its material expression. The architects have worked hard to avoid the ubiquitous use of stretcher bond and deliberately expressed the skin as a non load-bearing element, making use of wide and regular joints, further expressing this contemporary application. The level of creative design thought and understanding of the of construction process and cost is second-to-none and illustrative of an architect acutely aware of the wider construction/development profession. The site potential has been well realised and the building’s form well justified in the context. The choice of brick and the blend/perforated technique work well across wall and roof and add just enough variation to the façade. The quality of the brickwork is very good, with the simplicity of the end result belying the level of experience and careful design thought that have gone into it. The choice of brick, the use of perforation and the highly innovative expression of the external skin all combine well to create a building which is far greater than the sum of its parts.

This year the Small Housing Development Award is sponsored by Ibstock.

Ibstock is the country’s largest brick maker operating from 22 locations across the UK. Ibstock’s roots can be traced back to the 1820s to the village of Ibstock in Leicestershire where the business is still based. Ibstock has over 600 different bricks and pavers in its product range which also includes external wall insulation and rain screen cladding systems. This range and variety makes Ibstock bricks the first choice for architects and builders alike.