Large Housing Development


South Gardens (London) was designed by Maccreanor Lavington. Lee Marley Brickwork Ltd acted as the brickwork contractor using a variety of British brick: White Engobe with Engles Baksteen Mystique by Ibstock; Freshfield Lane Lindfield, Lights, Darks and Firsts by Michelmersh; and Terca Black Glazed by Wienerberger.

This is an estate regeneration project of fine resolution from an architect at the top of their game creating high density homes with a real sense of place. The high quality of detail design and construction, carried through from macro to micro scale is to be applauded. The development provides high density housing while simultaneously creating high quality external amenity spaces. Semi-public/private zones in front of home entrances are well resolved and create privacy for residents while positively enhancing the streetscene. The relationship of the development with the surrounding area is positive, demonstrating rich variety and interest through changes in scale, appearance, detail and materiality.

This year the Large Housing Development Award is sponsored by Forterra.

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