Innovative Use of Brick and Clay Products


Victoria Gate Arcade (Leeds) was designed by ACME. Thorp Precast Ltd acted as the brickwork contractor using Staffordshire Red bricks by Ketley Brick.

The project featured an innovative approach to 3D mould technology, and the use of BIM throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. With a building of this scale and complexity, 3D software was used to plot and place every individual brick, of which there were approximately 360,000 in total across 550 precast panels. The exacting nature of the decorative forms has been very well constructed in a factory environment and the consistency of workmanship and appearance within and between the panels is excellent. It is accepted that such ambitious decorative brickwork would be very difficult to achieve by traditional bricklaying methods on site, particularly under the constraint of time and weather conditions expected on a building site. However, this project demonstrates that factory conditions of assembling brickwork and marrying with techniques of reinforcement to produce brick faced precast reinforced concrete panels, can overcome practical difficulties of on-site bricklaying and make some elaborate concepts feasible.

This year the Innovative Use of Brick and Clay Products Award is sponsored by Wienerberger.

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