Individual Housing Development


Modern Detached (Hertfordshire) was designed by Coffey Architects. Conamar acted as the brickwork contractor and used Anglian Light Grey bricks by WH Collier.

The use of brickwork both within and without has done much to enhance the quality of this project. A nice piece of design, which is uncompromisingly modern and a creative response to the brief, is a pleasing addition to the neighbourhood. The palette of materials used here resonate with those of the immediate environment and it is nice to see the brickwork taken inside the building to provide some much needed warmth. The quality of brickwork is good, particularly given the use of handmade bricks and the detailing of the projecting fins, which has been cleverly handled.

Pennycroft (Buckinghamshire) was designed by Napier Clarke Architects. CNR Carpentry and Brickwork acted as the brickwork contractor using a bespoke mix of Light, Red and Wycombe by Bovingdon.

This is a building in which brick has been carefully chosen and thoughtfully detailed to respect the local character and produce a modern ‘arts and crafts’ building of real quality and interest. The emphasis put on craftsmanship shines through. Replacing the former house, the new building’s relocation further forward enhances the site, allowing for a more pleasing street aspect. There is a distinctive brick colouration in Great Missenden and while the bricks are not matched to those existing, great care has been taken to provide the degree of subtle variation in the colouring. The reinvention of the arts and crafts typology and the desire not just to meet the client’s requirements but to provide an uncomplicated plan form has led to an original planning solution, which is much admired. The client and her family are delighted with their new home, which they feel gives them all they wished for and has the flexibility to adapt in the future as the children grow.

This year the Individual Housing Development Award is sponsored by Ibstock.

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