Specialist Brickwork Contractor Award

Specialist Brickwork Contractors shortlisted in this category have demonstrated an exceptional contribution to the industry, through their outstanding quality of work, commitment to health and safety and to apprentices and staff's skills development. Each entry comprises two projects.

Caxton Builders Midlands


Having worked on both projects for three years, Caxton have observed barely any health and safety issues, with full KPI compliance. The developments have also served to accommodate at least 6 apprenticeships during their training.


Uppingham School Science Block (left)

Brick Manufacturer: Rijswaard Baksteen

Brick: Sandstone Weathered Buff

Architect: ORMS Architecture Design


Audley Binswood (right)

Brick Manufacturer: Northcot

Brick: Binswood Blend Facing

Architect: Quad Architects

Chine Brickwork


Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to apprenticeships, developing strong relationships with local educational institutions as well as funding staff's further education and upskilling in the workplace.


The Grange (left)

Brick Manufacturer: Wienerberger

Brick: Marziale, Bemmell Blue

Architect: Gardner Stewart


Bourne Estates (right)

Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock

Brick: Staplefield Stock Mat White

Architect: Matthew Lloyd Architects


Grangewood Brickwork Services


Eight current apprentices and a further four due to join next year will benefit from the priority Grangewood places on continual development - with many of the workforce enrolled on further education courses up to an NVQ level 6 - as well as a steadfast committment to health and safety, employing two internal auditors who ensure continual best practice.


1 King WIlliam Street (left)

Brick Manufacturer: Michelmersh

Brick: Bespoke Stamford Buff

Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris


Stapleton House (right)

Brick Manufacturer: Wienerberger

Brick: Staffordshire Smooth Blue, Con Mosso

Architect: Architecture PLB


Lee Marley Brickwork Contractors


achieved and maintained ISO 9001 by developing their own internal business management system which sets the quality processes and standards throughout the business. This commitment to outstanding quality is mirrored in the recent introduction of a health and safety representative at director level. Lee Marley Brickwork has a long, effective relationship with local colleges and even has their own syllabus taught at their preferred training centre.


Lady Margeret Hall (left)

Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock

Brick: Grosvenor Light Red

Architect: John Simpson Architetcs


South Gardens (right)

Brick Manufacturer: Michelmersh, Ibstock, Wienerberger

Brick: Freshfield Lane Lindfield, Lights, Darks and Firsts; White Engobe with Engles Baksteen Mystique; Terca Black Glazed

Architect: John Simpson Architetcs



Experience informs the thorough appraoch adopted by PLF, who employs bricklayers all of whom are time served and 100% CSCS compliant. An annual intake of apprentices - currently two in training and another due to start in September - is complemented by a company matrix that keeps track of all training.


Chester Storyhouse (left)

Brick Manufacturer: Furness

Brick: Chester Storyhouse

Architect: Bennetts Associates


Great Moor Street (right)

Architects: JM Architects


Swift Brickwork Contractors


190 The Strand (left)

Brick Manufacturer: Coleford Brick and Tile

Brick: Cotswold Buff

Architect: GRID Architects


Kings Crescent Estate (right)

Architect: Karakusevic Carson