Refurbishment Award

Projects shortlisted in this category comprise refurbishments in which clay brick is used substantially. All shortlisted entries have demonstrated significant improvement on the site as it existed. The use of reclaimed brick is supported in this category.

Brighton College


Sir T G Jackson, designed an ornate Tudor Style entrance tower to Brighton College in 1887, but only the first two floors were built due to a lack of funds. 127 years later the school has enabled Jackson’s vision for the city landmark to be realised. The original plans for the front façade included an impressive Tudor style central bell tower, which was left truncated, until now.


Brick Manufacturer: Michelmersh

Brick: Hathern Terra Cotta

Architect: Richard Griffiths Architects

Brickwork Contractor: The Flintwall Company


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Garden Room


The tight complex of historic cottages and sheds in which this project is located sits in a Conservation Area on the edge of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The project replaces a poor quality kitchen extension with an intricately designed addition which provides a light and airy music room and library.


Brick Manufacturer: Wienerberger, Ibstock, Bulmer Brick & Tile

Brick: Super White, Agora range-softmud; Swanage handmade heather Red; Red Clay Pamment

Architect: Timothy Smith & Jonathan Taylor LLP

Brickwork Contractor: Traditional Building (Southern) Ltd


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Hankelow Hall


Origianally built in 1723 in the Queen Anne early Georgian style the hall sits on the site of a former building, part of which is incorporated into the current structure, dating back to 1369. The hall was bought in a perilous state and as a Grade II listed building, has required extensive efforts to refurbish, including the complete re-build of the chimney, which alone used 25,000 bricks.


Brick Manufacturer: Wienerberger

Brick: Renaissance, Whitchurch, Orange, Whitby Red

Architect: Kirk Shenton

Brickwork Contractor: Kirk Shenton Builders


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North Block Refurbishment


North Block is a two storey building housing the English department of Marlborough College. The original building dates back to 1893. As part of their ongoing maintenance the College were keen to refurbish the whole building and particularly repair the masonry façade both facing the road and internally to the Court.


Brick Manufacturer: HG Matthews

Brick: Chalfont Medium Handmade

Architect: Gray Baynes + Shew

Brickwork Contractor: Irvine Witlock


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Pipe Factory


is a warehouse building down a cobbled street in Camden Town, which was being used as offices and had a tired fit-out and post-war additions. The building has been converted into 6 two bedroom high-end residential apartments. The building’s rectangular form and two stairwells lent itself to a sympathetic change-of-use conversion to 2 two-bed apartments per floor.


Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock

Brick: Reclaimed

Architect: Emrys Architects

Brickwork Contractor: DDC Limited


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Queen's University MST & PFC


consisted of the restructuring and refurbishment of a multi-storey library tower (MST) for the School of Law and the linkage of the tower to the adjacent Peter Froggatt Centre (PFC) to form a new student hub. The project also saw the refurbishment of lecture theatres and classrooms within the PFC and re-facing of its elevations, as well as a new public realm encompassing a north-south campus link and entrance courtyard.


Brick Manufacturer: Wienerberger

Brick: Lincoln Red

Architect: TODD Architects Ltd

Brickwork Contractor: Felix O'Hare


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The Old Court House


was built between 1509 and 1613 in a very isolated wooded location on the banks of the River Teme in Worcestershire. Originally a large hall house, by 2010 two thirds of the house had been lost and the remaining part, had been derelict for over 30 years. A full archaeological record of the building was prepared and highlighted significant remains of original Tudor fabric, which the owner was keen to save.


Brick Manufacturer: Northcot

Brick: Specials

Architect: Harrison Brookes Architects

Brickwork Contractor: Speller Metcalfe


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