Outdoor Space Award

Projects shortlisted in this category use clay bricks and/or pavers extensively in any hard landscape design scheme. All outside spaces were considered including extensions, sculptural design features, gardens, leisure applications and facilities.

Edith and Hans


is a permanent new outdoor artwork in Bristol, referencing the city’s rich brick-making history. The ‘social sculpture’ is situated in the meadow of the University of Bristol’s Stoke Bishop campus and is a 21st century belvedere for the public and students living nearby to enjoy. Located in a meadow between the Wills Hall and Hiatt Baker halls of residence, the new artwork is conceived as an ‘outdoor room’ - somewhere between a ruin and an archaeological find, providing a place for contemplation, a meeting space or a site for picnicking.


Brick Manufacturer: HG Matthews

Brick: Sarah Staton Esperanto Currency Brick

Architect: Sarah Staton

Brickwork Contractor: Aztech Building Services Ltd


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Royal Artillery Chapel and Cloister


Located beyond the military perimeter at the entrance to the Larkhill Camp, Salisbury Plain, the Royal Artillery Tercentenary Chapel and Cloister sits beyond the southern elevation of the church of St. Alban the Martyr, as a monumental commission in commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the creation of the Royal Artillery.


Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock

Brick: Berkshire Orange, Southwark Multi, Staffordshire Blue, Brindle Dragface

Architect: John Simpson Architects

Brickwork Contractor: Chichester Stoneworks Ltd


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Stepping Stone House


The volume of bricks that floats over the water is a primary visual feature of this family home. The landscape design is integral to the concept of engaging the family with their surroundings and included the semi circular steps and terrace, both built in brick. Here the brick serves to intergrate the architecture with the lake as well serving as a link between the old and new buildings. The architects have developed the design as a building system that can be deployed on sites where water is prevalent such as lakes, coastal sites and flood plains.


Brick Manufacturer: Coleford

Brick: Saxon Red multis

Architect: Hamish and Lyons

Brickwork Contractor: RJ Clyde Builders Ltd


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West Croydon Bus Station


Constructed on the busy, constrained site of the old unsightly, uninviting and poorly functioning 1980’s bus station, the new bus station was designed with a focus on its context and the local community. Brick was chosen as the principal cladding material to provide a robust exterior. Coupled with the open aspect and nightime lighting, the low-maintenance brick exterior provides an interesting play of light, shadow and texture, and helps to deter vandalism and anti-social behaviour, which had been a serious issue with the previous station building.


Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock

Brick: Birtley Olde English Linear

Architect: Bus Infrastructure, London Bus Services Ltd

Brickwork Contractor: AVV Solutions Ltd


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