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When Stephen Proctor and Andrew Matthews first set up in practice in the late 1980s they tended to design few buildings in brick. Those brick buildings they did complete early in their career have stood the test of time. MORE >
There’s no getting away from the fact that London is built mostly of brick. From row upon row of Victorian terraces to comfortable mansion blocks and awe-inspiring civic buildings, brick is the London vernacular. People like brick. MORE >
The Switch House by Herzog & de Meuron and engineer Ramboll extends the south side of London’s Tate Modern art gallery, and includes three levels of gallery space, a restaurant, cafe, members’ room and viewing terrace. MORE >
From today’s perspective, with its shops, workshops, bars, restaurants, galleries and a hotel, Bremen’s Boettcherstrasse (1923-31) looks like a prescient model of urban regeneration. MORE >
Neil Gillespie, design director of Reiach & Hall, has an unapologetic passion for building in brick. MORE >