Architects' Choice Award

Open to all shortlisted UK-based, architecturally led projects, this award reflects the judgement of peer architects. Our online voting system facilitates all RIBA registered architects and architectural students voting for the project they beleive to best showcase exceptional clay brick architecture.

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The Whitty Theatre was designed by Van Heyningen and Haward Architects. Berkshire Brickwork Contractors Ltd acted as brickwork contractor and used Freshfield Lane Luckley House bricks manufactured by Michelmersh.

A high degree of thought was necessary on this project which – with the sensitivity owed to the adjoining Grade II listed building – compelled the use of a bespoke solution. The blended brick of choice not only works harmoniously with the building but performs aesthetically, offering a ‘simple appearance in a complex internal environment’. The unique requirements of a performance facility, such as acoustics, make this project an example of how to effectively integrate a material into an existing building achieving, beyond the ‘warm palette’, sound functionality. Voted for by architectural students to seasoned Architects, this is one award winner that exemplifies architectural finesse.

Blockley in Gloucestershire is the home of the Northcot Master Brickmakers. We have been quarrying clay and making bricks here for nearly 100 years. When fired in Northcot's traditional coal-fired kilns they produce an intense base colour and result in an exciting range of naturally-coloured quality bricks with an enduring finish.

In addition to a broad variety of handsome genuine handmade bricks, Northcot makes elegant wirecut facing bricks and wonderfully textured reclaim bricks as well as a wide range of matching specials including bonding, bullnose, angle, cant, and Victorian old type bricks, brick slips, copings and cappings.

Whilst Northcot is steeped in the rich traditions of brickmaking, it is also a modern family-owned company that has brought the latest technology to bear on its production techniques. It observes the latest environmental standards and has been awarded ISO 14001 certification. Added to all of this is the Northcot passion for welcoming and serving our customers and providing individual service to each of you.